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Developed and tested under a DARPA Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Contract for the US military, The patented PowerQuick Ascender is an innovative powered climber that provides powered ascent and powered and manual descent.  Whether used as a work access tool or for on-site rescue capability, the PowerQuick Ascender is quick to deploy using standard climbing rope. PowerQuick eliminates climber fatigue, and provides for increased worker safety. Unlike climb assist type systems, when used for tower applications the PowerQuick requires no costly installation and is flexible in that it can be used in any location in which a rope can be rigged.  PowerQuick Mfg. is an engineering, manufacturing, and international distribution company that specializes in: industrial work-at heights and rescue products for military and commercial customers. Hydraulics, pneumatics, power, and actuation disciplines engineering and design. One of our keystone commercial products, the highly successful PowerQuick Ascender product line was originally developed and tested under a DARPA contract for the US military. This product is now sold world-wide through our international network of distributors. Browse through our web page and see what PowerQuick Mfg. can do for you. Beware India Imitations Please note that PowerQuick Mfg.  no longer warrants, cooperates with, or supports product manufactured under the company name JMV  PowerQuick or any other name they may be using.  If you purchase an ascender manufactured in India be aware that no company in India is   licensed to manufacture PowerQuick products due to failure to adhere to our strict manufacturing and material standards. The quality and safety  of these units may be seriously compromised. Please see our distributors page for a list of all authorized distributors. If you have purchase an ascender manufactured in India please contact PowerQuick directly at sales @   Call us at 248-256-1143              © PowerQuick Mfg., LLC.  2015           Last Updated 7/26/2015 Made with Xara
"I am impressed that a battery operated device can do what this one does. We found your product to be extremely useful and innovative.  We rigged a rappel/ascend setup off  the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge which carries Interstate 71 over the 200 ft deep Little Miami River Valley in Lebanon, Ohio. Everyone was comfortable with the safety and reliability of the device.  Ropes were easy to rig in the device.  “We got over 800 ft of ascending on a charge, battery life was good.  Universally, people said it was much easier to pull the trigger and ascend 200 ft than doing it the old fashioned manual way..” Mark E. Bernhardt, PE Director of Facility Inspection Burgess & Niple, Inc. PowerQuick recently teamed with Restech Norway to provide a new, top-of-the-line rope launcher to meet the needs of our customers. Click HERE for more information